within a few days i have landed...(street /flat mini video)

just a few tricks and combos I’ve landed recently. Sorry for the sloppy filming editing, and sketchy tricks. enjoy please.

treytriple, 900, and 3side-rollingwrap made my day

I like the switch flip off the pallets

As Eli said.

Will, I love you.

Nice video what kind of camera do you use?

:astonished: best video ive seen in a while. It has that diy feel to it.

really nice work…all your stuff is getting alot cleaner too for the size of the tricks and combos your doing. late flip off the high ledge also looked nice :slight_smile:

Crazy kids these days… Nice man

thanks guys, I am glad you like it. I didn’t put too much work in i filmed it in two twenty minute rides

Did you purposely time the switchflip off the box with the song saying the word switch?

nice tricks man, keep it up
the 360side to warp roll got so much flow and was sooo clean

– bobousse

That was such a lateflip!


of course stupid!

I mean it REALLY was a clean lateflip.

haha the “of course stupid” was directed to eli but thank you!

oh i love your style!!!
one of the nicest 900