:astonished: AHHHH i havent ridden for like 5 days! and i cant ride now!
I was gone and left my unicycle for 3 days… and while gone i went and pulled my tendens in my shin! so i cant pedal… and i wanna unicycle SOOOO BAD!!! :frowning: but i “have to let my legs heal”… ive been day dreaming about unicycling… knowing i cant really do it for a while longer…

injury unicycling=no unicycling for a bit…

MANN… soo dumb! :angry:

Man, I know how you feel! I ride muni on mostly dirt trails with some rock, but since it’s been raining, these trails are all but UNrideable! Especially at the bottom of the many hills that pool with rain water, and take DAYS of dry weather to fully drain and dry enough to ride again. So I’ve had to settle for trial-ing aound the local park, which is fun, but I prefer mostly Muni where I can really RIDE, and not just hop around…"not that there’s anything wrong with that!"Actually, the real truth is that I’m just not very good at all those cool tricks that you younger guys make look so easy! But I’m still tryin’. :sunglasses:

haha yeah its all wet and muddy here too… but i decided to … push through the pain… and go out today… and have to say… its easier to ride on mushy ground… haha but my feet got wet to they kept slipping oddly off the padals!