with or without pins??

hello everyone,
yesterday, i recieved my nimbus isis trials unicycle.
it is all stock except for the kh moments on it.

i was wondering, should i take out the pins on my DX pedals?
i have no leg protection yet and I dont want my shin to get destroyed.
My b-day is april and i am going to ask for shin guards then.

all responses are appreciated.


Pedals hurt even without pins. The pins just make it bloody. I suggest you get shin guards as fast as possible, and just not do stuff like unispins until then.

I second that motion. Quick.

I found with the Dx pedals that they dont actually cut my legs open the worst they have done to me is just grazed them which still stings a bit but not as bad. Definitly keep the pins in because they give so much grip.

You may slide off more without pins increasing your chances of pedal bite. Leave them on and wear jeans until you get pads. Besides, everyone has to get pedal bite a few times before they get pads - how else will they be able to show off their shin scars?

My biggest scar is from a plastic LX pedal - so don’t think no pins are going to save you.

just yesterday i was hopping around on my dx. my foot slipped off and, long story short, there’s now a decent size gash on my leg. the moral of the story: i need some shin guards! :astonished:

i don’t use shinguards
but i would if i had the money for them!
(i have soccer shinguards?)

I still have a dent in my left shin because I was just going to do a little hop, and wouldn’t bother with shin guards. The dent will soon be one year old:)

DX pedals dont have an option to take the pins out…I dont think…so you would have to hack them off…and they dont hurt especially when you do get hit.


get some oddyssey twisted plastic pedals. $10

metal pedals without pins are very slippery, get some cheapo plastics unitil you get armour

Lol its my b’day in april and im hopefully going to get the same uni as you LOL

What motion? :roll_eyes:

However, I second that notion Triball.

Edit: Im sorry unidude, I guess “motion” is right too… “a proposal formally made to a deliberative assembly: to make a motion to adjourn.”

But I’ve never heard the expression in that form before…

haha, its okay.

A pretty skookum pair of shin guards ran me $16 at the local motorcycle shop. Of course, they had knee guards installed, but since I went down in a spectacular way on my right knee last week, I don’t much mind.

pedal bites arent bad… It just stings a little at first, if you gash yoruself just put some peroxide on it. Really, my worst pedal scar is like 8-10 inches long, 3 scars down my calf, the longest being probably 8-9 inches, then like 7, then like 3 inches, all from the same thing. Its not that bad, you can show off while its still scabbing. After that you got gnarly scars to show.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

best $10 you will ever spend on pedals. they are grippy and wont destroy your shins, not good for trials though pedal grabs will rip up the pins really quick.

Not to be mean, But, Wrong,the pins DO have an Option,Only with a minature allan Key :wink:


I have a scar on the back of my leg in the shape of a frowny face from my DX pedals.

but after the blood it was a good laugh :stuck_out_tongue:
scars FTW!