With All This Talk of BC's...

…I haven’t heard any of the “history” of the BC. I know what the name comes from, but who first put one together? When? I’m guessing Darren Bedford was the first to make a production BC.


it’s from the cartoon bc… never watched defect…

BC wheels (also called “impossible wheels”) have existed for a long time, probably even longer than I’ve been riding (18 years now). The first “production” (ie. available for sale) BC wheel was probably made by The Unicycle Factory (Tommy Miller).

The latest BC wheels are quite different than the originals, which were simply pegs on a front wheel from a bicycle. The foot plates have dropped down below the axle of the hub and are larger, which does make it easier to ride and have enables people to do a lot more with them.

I said I know where the name comes from, but not who adapted the idea for real people use.

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Psh, No it dosnt. It emables you to do more but it sure dosnt make is easyer.

Um, Physics would like to disagree with you Evan. It is easier to balance on plates below the center of the wheel.

Have you got any knex or meccano there? Build a unicycle for a slack rope, and give it arms that go below the wheel. Put weight at the end of the arms. If you move the weight low enough, it will stay upright on the slack rope at all times. Take the arms off, it falls straight off.

Same concept with the lowered BC plates, though it isn’t as great a factor - It is significant though.


Really? I’d say there are quite a lot of reasons why it’d be easier, for one, a pendulum with longer arms will swing at a slower rate then one with short arms and your center of gravity is lower as well. Ofcourse, I’ve never ridden one, so I can’t really say.

Reasons Shmeasons, go try a peged one and a plated one, its just the same mate.

my own personal experience begs to differ.

I’ve tried both pegs and platforms on the same wheel, and I couldn’t even ride the pegs, much less find the difference.

Evan is a filthy liar.

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Not to be boring and quote Evan like everyone else, but… Why do you think so? How much time on an axle-level pegged BC do you have?

Though there are obvious advantages to having your feet below the axle, there is also a drawback. That is, the lower your pegs/plates are, the more they will swing if you roll the thing to get on.

Plates (instead of pegs) make it a lot easier.

The concept of a single wheel with pegs or foot plates probably goes back about 115 years or so, and was probalby done by a dozen or more entertainers at the time. I’ve seen some old pictures of performers like Auc Coucet showing them riding all sorts of wheeled things. So the idea is old.

My first experience of BC wheeling in the “modern” era was at the first unicycle meet I went to, which was the 1980 USA convention in Kokomo, Indiana. I saw Sem Abrahams ride around on one. At that time, all I saw him do (and this is included in the 1981 video “Unicycle”) was hand-push the wheel to get it going, and stand up from there, and hold it with his hands while another unicyclist held up his feet and gave him a “wheelbarrow” push.

Tom Miller customized a pair of moped pegs for me in the mid-1980s, and I put them on a 24" Miyata wheel with a bike axle. But others had been BC-ing before that.

I think Bedford and Unicycle.com came out with commercially available BC wheels around the same time, so I’m not sure who was actually first. I think the Bedford offerings are currently the more advanced, though the one pictured on UDC shows three possible heights for the foot plates.

I think I’m right in saying that the UDC BC Wheel was only released in the past 6 months or so, whereas Dan has been making/selling them for quite a considerable period of time. I am probably wrong in this assumption of course, but I know UDCUK only started selling the nimbus BC last summer.


Your right about the nimbus bc, but before that came out there was a yuni bc thats been abound for ages.

Who is Dan? or do you mean Darren?