Witch Uni Would You Reccomend?

im lookin’ to get a new trials uni but i want it to be reallly light an strong cause i am not very heavy or very strong
i’ve been looking at the new 2007 uni by cris holm that seems really good but i just need to know im getting the best one for me

p.s i need it to be under $467.00

I would reccomend a broom… if you are wondering WITCH uni to get.

I don’t think this topic has ever been discussed here. Let’s see, light and strong and under $467?.. hmmm… We should bring in the experts to figure out which uni is right for you. Our direct approval will compensate for your total lack of research.

The new uni by Cris Holm???

why did you even make this thread.
the kh20 07 is one of the lightest unis you can get. it is also bombproof and wont break unless you weigh about 400 kilos.

Light and strong equals Koxx and KH. Both are very light, both are very strong.

Which one is better? Who knows.

KH is true ISIS so it is compatable with all othre ISIS cranks, even those from the bike trials selection.

Koxx says its ISIS but dont work with any other ISIS cranks. Which it should.

I think the KH is just above your price limit, so getting a Koxx is jsut as good.

total lack of research???

this is his research, after all this is the reason that there is a post now thread button isnt there?

if alll everybody ever did was use the search feature to look up old threads then the forum would suck.

he could’ve searched to figure out that KH and Koxx make the lightest and strongest trials unis for under $467 in less time than it would’ve taken to make the thread. and how are we supposed to help with this one…

ummm… i have no idea how advanced you are or how you plan to ride it, but i can say without a doubt that the KH is best for you.

if all everybody ever did was make new threads to ask the same questions over and over again instead of creating actual product reviews, then this forum would suck.

Your new best friend

I think That you should custom something and build it around the inexpensive 03/04 KH hub and cranks…I havent been around for a while but i ride mine hard and they are bombproof.

the new moment hub and cranks are so cheap now. im getting those with a silver tryall rim and a kh20 07 frame.

The new KH hub and cranks are cheaper than the old ones and they are just as strong if not stronger.