Witch is the best ?

If you people had to choose between a video between tech stuff (spins,flips,and tech ledge grinding) or hard impact stuff (drops,big stairs,big rails but no tech, hoptwist…) witch would you choose and why ?

I think I would choose Glenda the good witch.

Oh, wait, did you mean “which would you choose?”

I think its best when there is a mixture of stuff, like in the section of defect with kevin mcmullin and shaun and them. I like that there is some really big stuff by kevin (like the 180 over the 8? set) then a few minutes later Shaun does a backwards grind on a ledge to a double flip.

So, I would say both and it would be even better if you combined them like flips down huge sets and i think alex toms said he did a unispin out of a handrail.

ehh??? I gave 2 choice and none of the answers r in the choices… Im talkinga bout street here by the way

thank you spencer

Freestyle, as well. I guess that means tech stuff?

i think they are both good but they have to be mixed together other wise you get bored quickly. but to answer the question i would say more technical stuff keeps my interest level up.

Big stuff looks more impressing on film.

I respect the tech guys more though.

Well freestyle can be tech but he is asking what would be good in a street vid.

I agree with that too, If someone that doesnt uni watches a movie like defect its nice if you dont have to explain what each trick is and whats going on. Like Sabin’s varial, im sure its really hard but i didnt even notice the filp the first 10 times i watched it.

tech stuff. Big drops are not too impressive unless it’s an especially incredible stunt. There is more skill involved in technical riding, so I think it is better to watch.

What flip ? :wink:

I’d rather watch tech stuff. I’m not big into watching people jump sets and grind stuff over and over again. I think there’s a lot more variety with some of the flatland stuff Dan Heaton was doing in Defect. If you personally ride street, I’m sure that this differs.

In any case, the stuff that makes good video is well-cut, well-shot flowing lines. Lots of complicated movement, and the more your frame and feet are moving all over the place the cooler it looks.

WAit, sabin did a flip?

I had thought so, but I watched it in slow-mo and was like “nahhh…”.
I will have to look again.

Oh, and, I’d rather see tech stuff I 'spose, but it’s best to have a little of both combined, a little tech with a little…big…

Tech stuff but there is no way all tech is nearly ar good as tech with Big(ish) sets. The two videos would never compareTech with Sets would blow the tech video out of the warter. Any whay I hope this means we will se a video from you soon.

Crap, I cant believe I missed that. I must have seen it more than 15 times.

Acctually, I can. It’s really easy to miss. In fact, It wouldn’t look much different if he hadn’t crankflipped.

Another thing about tech stuff vrs. going big, that with techy tricks its a lot better if you throw them all in together, one after the other. And combos.

Trials, deffinatly.




As for myself, I ride a lot bigger stuff than tech stuff, its just my style. So I guess I have a lot of respect for people in the sense that I understand how hard it is to do. As for a lot of the tech stuff, I have respect for them in the sense that I just can’t do most of it haha. A mix of both is ideal, like someone said, but if I had to choose, I would probably pick big stuff, just because I would understand if I should be able to do it or not haha.


ok thank you all. My self I prefer to ride high impact stuff like Keivn mcmullen does… but I have been practicing tech sutf fas well… and I think you have to specialize in 1 or the other or else it wont be sexy.

personally i like both. they’re both incredible and inspiring. although, there is a thing that i’ve noticed. Freestyle looks better when you’re actually there witnessing it in person than it does on film.

I think that while specialization… actually, let’s call it ‘focus’, on one area of strength is definitely a good way to get somewhere, it also makes other areas of unicycling easier. My practice with sif for freestyle has improved my seat out hops, and seat out hopping will improve my sif for freestyle. In my experience, riding as many different kinds of unicycles as you can get your hands on will help you appreciate the extremes and find a good balance, and ultimately make it easier to become a very good rider.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should keep other skills up, because at some point they will help you in areas you didn’t see them helping at all. Learning to do things with both feet also falls into this category.