witch is better??torker dx ornimbus trials one?

witch of the two can take more abuse?



I would go for the nimbus and upgrade the c ranks to Kris Holm Moments. Then You’ll have alot better uni than the DX

with or without the KH cranks its better in my mind. Way lighter and arguably just as strong.

Yeah what they said.

I own both, get the Nimbus ISIS and if you can upgrade to the KH cranks do it. It’s much better.

Also, please try not to post the same thread across the different forums. Once is enough.

just wondering how do you upgrade the cranks

it doesnt have an option
sorry for dumb question

Not dumb at all. A very good one indeed. You have to place the order by phone to swap the cranks out. You might be able to get away with an email and other ways that are an extreme hassle, but phone would work the best. That way everything is all clear and perfect.

oh thanks
cause i reeeeally wanna get that nimbus

actually, nobody knows for sure that its better than a DX, but more than likely, it is. the DX is the best most people need, and the nimbus should be better than that, but it is unproven, i want to see it ridden at extremes before I tell people to buy them, but it should serve you well, all the parts minus the hub/cranks are super awesome beastly parts.

woops, axle/cranks is beasty too, just unproven.

tahts EXACTLY what i think im getting in december… anyone know if a K1 seat post will fit in the frame? its should, right?

unless the nimbus 2 frame is now 27.2 no, cause a nimbus frame takes a 25.4 seatpost

I know Marco has the NImbus hub, and has had it for a while, and he does some pretty big gaps and stuff that really test out the equipment strength.