witch is better?torker dx or nimbus trials?????????

witch of the two can take more abuse?



Well I’ve never ridden the nimbus, but I know for a fact that the torkers can take a whole lot. Lots of people on these forums have torkers as well.

It really doesn’t matter much, other then the hub on the nimbus is Isis which some people prefer. In the end there both good uni’s…so just pick whichever one you think looks cooler

yah…i guess ur right.just wondering tho.ill get the nimbus cause my buddy wants the torker.

SATANIC THREAD!..Seriously get the nimbus and upgrade to kh cranks.

Speaking as someone who owns both, the Nimbus ISIS is a hands down winner, especially if you upgrade the cranks to the KH moment cranks.

Yo b man where is that review?:wink:

Yeah I’m sorry for the wait, I’m really busy with school work and preparing my resume for an internship. It will be out in less than a week.

Not need to apologize man, I know how it is. Still nice to hear.

As mentioned before, the Torker is tried and tested for years and can hold up really well.

Also, the Nimbus uni used a more compatible uni, using a ISIS hub, and can interchange with all ISIS cranks. (Except Koxx, cause their standards are out of spec with all other ISI hubs for some reasons. Weird stuff.)

The Nimbus is also a tad lighter, and uses better components in almost all areas of the uni, and will last longer than the DX.

Go Nimbus!

Our proverbial uni of everything/ master of all greatness whilst maintaining a good price has changed! Now instead of dx threads it will be nimbus:p!

Hopefully it doesnt take over the “I broke my DX frame.” threads. lol

Haha I want to live to see the day all uni riders start breaking nimbus II frames.

I would say the nimbus ISIS

i don’t, that would mean they changed the design, and only 10-15 people broke frames out of the 500? DX’s sold

has anyone here tested out a nimbus-X frame riding trials?