Witch brand for a 20” trail unicycle


I have a pretty cheap trail unicycle from uvex.
But a wont a new and better one.
Wich brand can you advise me? (Kris Holm, impact, Nimbus,…)

Thanks Michwin

me i ride a nimbus but only because it was cheaper than the others ,but if i had my choice without a budget i would go with impact all the way:D

Kris holm and impact are very similar in performance. I just purchased a 20" Kris holm trials unicycle and it is insane… i topped all my personal bests in about 20 minutes…

Nimbus is an amazing product as well, also at half the price of the impact and kris holm… it is so hard not to… I have ridden 3 different 20" nimbus trials and they were all great.

If your going trails why not get a bigger wheel?

The main diff between the kH & Impact Gravity is the round crown on the Imp. Less likely to hit knees but harder for foot on Crome tricks (prob dousen’t matter for u).

Nimbus all have 5mm narrower rim slightly increasing tire fold over possibility, less damp/more springy tire feel.

  • trials: low $, heavy
  • equinox: fairly light, moderate $
  • street : fairly light, moderate $, semi rounded crown ~ to KH.

Qu-Ax : 48 spokes so rim (42mm?) stonger, have to true less often, crown similar to N Street & KH

  • trials: heavier frame; steel, so easier to reweld; low$.
  • signature: light

id say nimbus equnox or cutsom all the way

Surely it must be a Nimbus 2000! But that has no wheels as it’s a broomstick.

Oh! You mean “which”… That’s a different question.