Witch bc is better for me???

ok I have no clue where I should put this but I am going to put it here and I think it will get the most views and replys here. Ok what would be better for me and what I want to do. I want to be able to do street, skate park, off road riding, flatland, maybe trials, and downhill. now that I told you what I would sort of like to do, what bc woud be a good all around bc for me. A regular 24", a regular 20", or a 20" trials bc. thanks for the help

I would say a mod trials. You definately do not want a bmx wheel for any offroad. I think a mod is more manuverable than a 24".

You kind of just rattled off every kind of BC style possible so you will have to make some sacrifices. A mod would be best in my opinion.

Are the alex rims good on BCs? Did they not come with bedford BCs? Or do they still? Im getting someones BC and he says its an older bedford with an alex rim.

Well the alex dx-32 comes on the Bedford Trials. It is a good rim. I am not sure what comes on the street wheels. There are other Alex rims out there so it is possible.

Cool, im getting a last years bedford for $50 but with the crappy short plates. Ill then upgrade to the lower plates when they come out.

Im going to have to dis agree with spencer here for a second. I would say a bmx bc is your best bet for urban riding. With a mod bc, you are limmited to 2.5" knobby, 40 psi max tires. With the bmx bc, you have hundreds of tires to choose from, in many differnt styles. You can use slick tires, knobby tires, high psi, low psi, wide, skinny. Any in any combination.

Some of you may have seen spencers bc tire that we shaved. If you want a tire like that, and the abbility to switch to a high psi bmx tire, try this:

$20, 3gbike.com Im getting one for myself, il post the results.

ok. I will probably go with the trials and then get another one for the other stuff if I like it and then if I like it enough it would be like unicycles and they just keep addding up. thanks for the help people

Where are you getting one for $50

nevermind what i said about getting the trials because i thing I am going to get a regular one and put a maxxis max daddy tire on it because I will do more park, street, and on rode type of stuff and then if I like it get a trials bc. I figured this way it would be cheapier if I didn’t like it and i would do more with this one then I would do with a trials bc.

tell me some of the differences in between these BCs.

choice one:$150:without shipping
-bedford 20"

choice two:$170:without shipping
-bedford 20" with pro plates

choice three:$156.21:with shipping
-unidennis’s plates
-maxxis max daddy tire
-wheel set- http://cgi.ebay.com/WHEEL-BIKE-FRONT-BMX-20-ALEX-SUPRA-PRO-48H-RIM-14MM_W0QQitemZ150019132634QQihZ005QQcategoryZ48845QQssPageNameZWD1VQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

ok I am going to add another choice to this. thos is the choice i think i am going to go with becuae it is good, cheap, and once i start getting better at it and see if I like it(witch i know I will) i am going to get me a trials bc and then have a nice one and an ok one.

choice four:$126.21:includes shipping
-unidennis’s plates
-maxxis max daddy tire
-wheel set: http://cgi.ebay.com/Redline-20-x-1-75-Front-Wheel-w-14mm-front-Axle-BMX_W0QQitemZ7239245904QQihZ015QQcategoryZ48845QQssPageNameZWD1VQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

ok. since I have a thread in here and in the product review on witch BC i should get I figured I would post my question here since it would be seen more. Ok my question is: Is it worth the extra $20 for the pro bedford plates from the original or is it not.

edit/ps: I guess my choices went from those 4 to the first two

Depends if you want long or short plates. Im getting used to the short ones. The PROs are better if you want longer ones.

I think i am going to go with the short ones and then in the future when the lowered bedford plates come out get a better wheel and the dropped plates