Wished I had an nintindo(sp) 64- unicycle game for it

I was looking on ebay and I say a unicycle game and it would be awesome to play but I don’t have an nintindo(sp) 64. Somebody needs to but this game and tell me how it is and if you are the person selling it tell me how it is

Its Just A Game…

so I like games

ill give you a game. go play with your uni. thats wayyy more fun.

yeah but that game is hard to play with no unicyclist

N64’s run about $30-$60 now…Shouldn’t be hard to pick one up. I’ve seen them sold at second hand game shops…

What game?


I have uniracers or whatever its called for the nintendo, I just play it on an emulator.

I got an N64 at a yard sale last month for $10. Do they really run $30-$60? I’ve seen playstations at a pawn shop for $20.

P.S. Mario Kart is good


the game is uniracers and it’s for the SNES, i have it. it’s pretty fun.

use an emulator

Try the Uniracers ROM file with an SNES emulator. Remember kids, you can’t legally keep the ROM file unless you have the game cartridge, OK?

There are good SNES emulators for both the PC and Mac.


Depends on where you buy them. At game shops they run more because they can charge the old school gamers more because N64’s aren’t being made anymore (from what I understand). Obviously pawn shops and yard sales will have them 10 times cheaper. My friend got a SNES at a yard sale for $20 with all the fixings. Controllers…games…etc…etc.