Wish me luck

Well, I’ve got ACL replacement knee surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck! I really hope this goes well.


I hope all goes well, and that you have a speedy recovery !!!

All the best and a speedy recovery, from the down under unicyclists.

Good luck! Youll be fine.

You can play some Project Uni while you recover too. =p

You’ll be fine, man.

Have good fun luck.

I wish you luck, Kris.

MUni Ride Dedicated to Kris

Tomorrow a few friends and I will be doing our weekly Tuesday morning MUni ride at Horashim Woods. I am going to dedicate this weeks ride to Kris and say a few words about him and his surgery before we start the ride.


I’m sure you’ll be up and about in no time.

Have good fun luck!

Good luck Kris. Have a speedy recovery!

Speedy Recovery Kris

Have a speedy recovery


I thought you had it already…
Best luck from me too :slight_smile:


GL Kris.

Hope it goes well. ACL replacement surgery is generally easier to recover from than a brain transplant, so consider yourself fortunate.

Boa sorte! (Buenas suerte in Portuguese)

Good luck Kris…Hope its flys by.

Good luck, man! Hope all goes well.
I’ll be doing some muni dedicated to Kris as well.

Get well and get strong! I want to be able to meet up sometime for a long muni ride with you! I’ll definitely be doing a dedicated muni ride. Good luck!

Good luck!

Good luck and heal fast. I had problems with swelling due to trying ice on TOP of all the bandages. Make sure to ask about the icing techniques. Ice is your best friend.

Good luck Kris! Incidentally, today I get my first KH product, the KH24!

I’ve had two ACL replacements, one on each knee. First one used a shaving of hamstring as the graft, the other the standard patellar tendon. Both went smoothly.

Best friend after surgery was definately the ice machine (which circulates chilled water from a cooler through a bladder wrapped around your knee). It’s great because you don’t have to disturb your bandages to get fresh ice on it, just refill the cooler with ice.