Wish me luck - RTL Qualifying Ride

Well, tomorrow I plan to set off on the first day of my Ride The Lobster qualifying ride. So, if anyone in between Nottingham and Norhthampton see a unicyclist looking like he’s trying to make up for lost time… it’ll probably be me. And, if all goes to plan, anyone spotting a unicyclist between Northamton and East London on Tuesday, well, guess what, that’ll be me too!

I’ve got 'net access on my phone, so I’ll post an update tomorrow night once I get to the hotel.


Good luck!! How far/how much climbing?

Each day should be a fraction under 100km (But I know I’m going to take a wrong turn here or there). I don’t know about the climb, but I’m expecting a pretty much flat ride (although there are come canal locks on one part), but I’m going more for the distance than the elevation side of things.


I didn’t know you were riding the Lobster.
The very best of luck to you with the qualifying mate.
I’m sure you’ll do fine.

half way there!

so, just over 10 hours after leaving home i got to my hotel in one piece. i don’t want to spoil too much of the final ride report for everyone, but as a teaser i can say that it’ll include forgotten wallets, flat tyrers, detours because i can’t follow signs, detours because the camel back needed refilling, lost Schlumpf gear change buttons, and some of the longest, coldest, darkest muddiest tunnels you’ll ever get to unicycle in.

i just hope that tomorrow is just as successful


sounds like fun :smiley:

Good luck

Sounds like it should be made into a movie!

Is Bruce Willis free?

I think that we need to be looking more in the bob hoskins direction :wink:

No I think he charges $20 million.

Sounds like your spirits and legs are up so far despite the hardships! Go, go, go!!
So, what did you ride? 29er guni?

thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. you’ll be pleased to know that despite more mileage and more adventures, I completed day 2.

I have still to work out the final distance but i’ll do a full write up and analysis in the next day or so.


Ok, I’ve not got time for a full write-up and photos at the moment, however, with the help of google maps, I’ve calculated the mileage;

Day 1 - 72.12 miles
Day 2 - 70.44 miles
Total - 142.56 miles

There were a few large-ish hills, but as the mileage alone is enough to qualify, and I don’t have any easy way to calculate the total elevation climbed, I’m going to ignore the ascent side of things.

That was on a 29" Schlumpf, and most of that was in high-gear, although due to losing a button the first day, and not tightening the spare one on the second (Why did I think I’d need to bring a spare???), I did a few more miles in low gear than planned.

Oh, and just to put this in to context with my Nimbus 36 that I had before the Schlumpf, I covered more miles in 2 days than I did on my trip this summer in 4 days on the N36. I wouldn’t say that I’m much fitter than before, but there were more hills in Wales, and one of those days was a compulsory rest day because I couldn’t walk!


Well, how can I put this…oh yeah - WOW!

What seat do you ride on and how does the taint feel?

My money’s on Spencer to win.

Put me down for a tenner.

I’m good for it.

Have a look at http://www.mapmyride.com/ it uses Google Maps but overlays elevation (click on show elevation). I don’t believe the resolution is great in the UK but it shows the general trends.

Congratulations on completing the ride.


First reaction is “Wow, oh my god. Well done. And what seat do you use?”

Second reaction is much more immature - “So. Wales was too much for you then”. Snigger.

But the second reaction is only major jealousy.


Good Luck:)