Wish List

You know what they say, if you wish hard enough it may come true.


Crazy cranks dance!

Edit: You did a better photoshoping job than me.


KH Moment Freestyle Cranks:



oh ya! top that photoshop job

What makes you think mine is photoshopped? :wink:

ha kh adjustable cranks would be cool. but just a question, why can’t you drill them like the kooka cranks? probably a dumb question but just wondering.

Absolutely nothing. It could, of course, be GIMP’d.

You cant really tell mine is photoshopped unless you compare it to regular cranks.

Hmm, actually, I wish for a nice KH muni. =p

if you drill another hole in the KH cranks it wolud be k. BUT, if you had the pedal on the outer setting and did a decent drop the end would break off cause of how little metal there is becasue of the first hole. bad idea.

thats a pretty cool idea but as iridemymuni said, it could break. but maybe if you super reinforce it at the middle hole, it could work, maybe?

When i saw this, it reminded me of a spanner set i have in my shed. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Drilling Holes.

Drilling holdes in the Crank would not Automatically make it weaker. Notice how most swords and long knoves have a blood groove down the blade. This is for strength. extra surface area tends to make a long thin object stronger. If the holes are drilled correctly they might even add to the strenth of the crank!

the problem that would arise though is that the metal thread put into the drilled hole is about 2cm in diamater this is to big in order to do a crank with say 175mm/165mm/150mm/150mm adjustments. You could probably to a 165mm/140mm adjustable crank. However I don’t know how cool the extra crank length past the pedal would be when set on the 140mm length.


I think the goal would be a set of 125/165 or 110/150. I don’t believe the extension when set on the shorter distance would interfere with anything; at least half a rotation has the full crank going past your foot now.

Don’t be surprised to see these on the market soon.

I love where the unicycle industry is going!

That’s some good photoshopping, I think if done carefully this coud be done without loosing too much strength, trouble is you have to drill a big hole to accomodate the threaded insert, much bigger than to just cut a thread straight in to the crank.

Quickly can you wish me a new KH unicycle or ten. Or just wish the price down to like 200.:smiley:


You could make 1000 paper cranes and then wish for the KH unicycle of the future. :smiley: :smiley:

cool products

Such as?? :smiley: