wirral way...

Wonder if anyone is interested in doing the wirral way with me, it’s 12 miles of grooling railway line.

Would love to. As long as we took it gently. And as long as we didn’t have to ride 12 miles back again.


Unless you think I’m too much of a liability after my MUNi mistake.


lmao it’s got a tube station at each end :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind either. Sounds more like the 29er for this one ?

Yeah prob be fine, but if a few ppl come they’ll be on all sorts so prob 24/26 if ya got one, but doesn’t matter.

It wasn’t a mistake, it was an adventure!

i need a bigger wheel

danm my lack of money and my lazyness to not get a job

If I ride my 29er with 150 cranks i could lend someone my 24 and put some 140 cranks on it which makes it a bit faster. Offers there. Zippy, pm / post here if you get some details together.

p.s Zippy i know you went to Snowdon last weekend but can’t put a face to the name? any of the online pics have you in it?

i wanna do it b4 BUC so do it on a saturday or sunday.

wirral way is a old train line from hooton to west kirkby.

How about saturday 29th or sunday 30th of april

norry i was one of the walkers in the silver jacket.

just thought, i got 152’s on my 24, i suppose i could swap them around with my cranks on me 20". 140’s i think.

I’m coming on my 29er (but don’t worry, I’ll be slower than most people on a 24)
Another unicycling adventure!


PS that weekend sounds great. Saturday is better for me because we’ve got our club on Sunday and I’m the opener upper.

Depending where everyone coming from, depends on our start time :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to jack the thread, but Norry, same question to you!

Zippy is on the right in this photo.

domesticated ape

On the right there stuffing my face! (blue hat)


and in the background here


Cheers, I think I know who everybody was now! I love the frozen train station photos, it looks really eerie.

Hope all of you northern monkeys have a good time on the Wirral Way, should be a cool ride!

So it’s gonna be saturday 29th of april, at my house, for 10:30am.

28 School Lane.
CH43 7RQ

I’m on that frapper page :slight_smile:

Plan is to meet at mine, then depending on how many turn up, we’ll fill up cars and drive down to hooton and start from that side.

When we get to west kirby we can feul and feed up at weather spoons and catch the tube back to mine. Station is like 3min walk from my house.

I worked in Wallasey for two days a week for the past 6 months. I get the train to Liverpool from Hooton twice a week and will do for the next 3 years. Oh it’s going to be difficult to go there at the weekend. :sunglasses:

I’m sure it’ll be worth it though. :smiley:


well if your deffinately coming can you send me a pm.

so who’s deff coming then :thinking: