Wirral Way - Sat 29th April

Wirral way run on Saturaday 29th April.

Wirral Way is a old branch line form ‘West Kirkby’ to Hooton on the Wirral just outside Liverpool. Will be a good easy warmup for upcoming BUC, at 12 miles long and as being for trains, no more than 6% gradients.

My house, for 10:30am.

28 School Lane.
CH43 7RQ

I’m on that frapper page

Plan is to meet at mine, then depending on how many are coming, we’ll fill up cars and drive down to hooton and start from that side.

When we get to west Kirby we can fuel and feed up at weather spoons and catch the tube back to mine. Station is like 3min walk from my house.

Surgest http://rp.rac.co.uk/rp/routeplanner for ease to find me :stuck_out_tongue:

If ya coming please reply to this thread :slight_smile: and pm me a contact No. for on the day.

Hi Zippy,
I’m still coming.
I’m presuming it’s all smoothish ‘footpath’ riding like the bit you can see from the road at hooton? Nothing too cross countryish?


it’ll be smooth coz it’s a old railway line, dirt or gravel, nothing nasty.

I’ll test run it this weekend, my 24" bearing cup replacement will arrive by then, but old railway lines are pretty generic :smiley:

Reminder about this coming saturday.

Atm it’s a little 3 ppl including myself, so a little 3 some atm lmao.

Any chance you could meet me at Hooton, since it is on my way? Seems silly to drive to your house and then drive back to Hooton.


well at this rate it seems we’ll be having a barbeque at mine :wink:

but if we meet at mine, me hubby will drive us all to hooton and we can catch train bk to mine at west kirkby side.

forgot to add it just saves tonnes of time in trains and time.

Also my 24" bearing cup replacement is correct and it’s rdy to roll :smiley:

Stu might be coming. He hadn’t decided for definate yesterday.


well gonna be a BBQ at mine after coz the weather tomorrow is set to be sunny all day not a cloud in the sky. Just like today, already sun burnt :D.


mmmMMM, spicy kebabs on sticks and peppered steak :wink:

If you can’t tempt them with unicycling, I can’t see you tempting them with food. (Could be wrong, ofcourse)

I’ll probably have to get back to my real life straight afterwards so I don’t know about the BBQ.


Wahoo! I rode 12 miles - my longest ride ever - along the Wirral Way on my 29er with Zippy.

I debated which 29er to take - Kenda Klaw tyre and 140 cranks or Big Apple Tyre and 125mm cranks. I decided upon the Big Apple because it’s more versatile and I still think it was the best decision.

The trail was variable - some tarmack but mostly either hardpacked bumpy mud/rocks or flatter looser gravel. And more or less straight - a few small hills and some riding on the road.

The weather was perfect - lovely and sunny but with just enough of a cold wind to keep us cool. I saw some gorgeous countryside somewhere that I had never been before and tasted the most fantastic icecream that I have ever had. No one said anything unpleasant to us and the “WYOW” were minimal.

Most importantly, the expensive cycle shorts that I was wearing proved well worth the money. I’m a little sore but nothing serious. The legs held out well too. I could probably have ridden for longer if I’d had to.

The most surprising thing was how long it took. With occasional botty breaks, an icecream break, a toilet break and minimal walking, it took us three hours. But it was a great day. Thanks Zippy (and the cheesy beans on toast were fab).


Well done, sounds ace. I was thinking today how good a day for riding it would be.
Unicycling+ice cream=awesomeness :sunglasses:

Was good, I’m aching.

i was surprised how long it took us.

It was, 3 miles along the Blackwater valley to the pub with the kids, dinner & decent beer followed by the return leg. A very enjoyable, but gentle, day.

Well done Cathy, now you know you can do 12 miles you’ll soon be ready to double that. Don’t forget B. butt’r or similar helps with cycling shorts. Remember the only thing that can be worn under cycling shorts is another pair of cycling shorts :smiley: great on a very long ride, or w/e of riding.


I feel I have to give up (with reluctance) thinking of myself as a beginner now.


Nice one guys and gals, sorry I missed the ride, Sounds like you had a great day. I guess Zippy sorted out that lean of his. 12 miles of ridding should do it :slight_smile:

Only good images that came outta my camera, must take more :smiley:

Well done to you both, only managed about 5 miles, and I slept for a week after, how did you get on with saddle sores, cos I was … well let say side saddle… just sitting on the couch.

Good, expensive cycle shorts and lots of crotch breaks.


I got to admit I ride in jeans, not the best ever but I ride in them loads commuting to work (two wheels), so it feels odd to ride in anything else, I was wondering how did you and zippy keep the same speed with the different wheel sizes? I don’t ride too well at a really fast pace or slow pace, I sorta have to keep my own time. Slow I can’t keep my balance and fast I get a wheel wobble.