Wireless Cyclometers

I got a wireless cyclometer for my coker for xmas that I just recently got mounted; however, the range really sucks. I didn’t have too much time to troubleshoot, but was wondering what someone with more experience with these things thought I should check first… or if anyone knows anything about the GT brand computers… It works fine if it is nine inches or so from the transmitter, but can’t get far enough away to make the wirelessness (hee hee) of the thing worth anything… Thanks for any input.

Some of these are so directional that if the tire is in the way it doesn’t receive the signal. On my Muni, the tire was so wide, I had to work with the position until it picked up the signal.

I was very disappointed with the Specialised Wireless “Elite.”
(@ $60US)

It worked when it decided to - sometimes I would look down to find the last half mile ignored. Then, it got to the point where it said I did a speed faster than it can record.

When it malfunctioned, I had no way of knowing which part (or battery) was failing. I didn’t know what part to whap. Also, getting it to start detecting required tapping a button as well as “warming up” the transmitter. Finally, when I didn’t want it to record, I would have to move it to a pocket far away from the transmitter (rather than just hit a button or remove it from it’s holder).

I returned it and bought a Cat Eye 8 (which has been improved a LOT this year) and was able to afford Primo Pedals with the change. The wired Cat Eye has worked flawlessly since I got it. I recommend it.

Miles pass too difficultly on a unicycle to allow for a faulty cyclometer.

I got a Cateye Cordless 7 (in silver) for christmas.

It took ages to get it setup on my MUni, but in the end we took it back to the shop as the battery was flat. I dont know how, as it was brand new…

Anyways, the guy swaped recivers to a one which worked.

Again, it took a while to setup, but now it seems to be ok. Very rarely it does miss the odd mile or two, but for the time being, its ok.

I’m going for my first real muni this year (!!!) this Saturday, so I will keep an eye on it, and see how it performs… I may even do a product review. That reminds me, I need to review all my uni bits and post them on Sofa’s review site… I just aint had time yet!


I have no personal experience with these, but remember a conversation with a guy at a (very good) bike shop about them when they were first hitting the market. He did not recommend them for a unicycle, because range was extremely limited. I wanted to put mine in a pocket or strap it to my wrist. But this was double or more the distance those things are built to send.

Remember, on a bike the sensor is not very far from the handlebar. They are designed for a very short range. Unfortunately they still don’t seem to give you much extra. This is probably a plus if you’re riding in a group with other people using the same computer, but not for a unicycle.

If they used bluetooth it might be a little more handy…

And they are extremely directional too, if the reciever is not directly in line with the transmitter, no go.

Me too, me too!

That’d be great, I’d love that (I could record an my PDA!:smiley: ), unfortunately it’d probably be more e$pen$ive.

A couple of months before my knee injury I mounted a Cateye cordless 2 on my muni, with the display on the waist strap of my lumbar-type hydration pack where I can look down and see it anytime. In that position it is right at it’s published maximum distance of 28". To get the best line of sight I put the transmitter on the right frame leg and the display toward my right side. It was critical to point the arrow on the tranmitter toward the display. The only time it has ever failed to work is if a rock hits the transmitter and rotates it out of position. One of the nice things about being able to see the display easily is if it does stop working you will know the first time you glance at the display and it says 0.
While it is not long-term tested I rode with it for several weeks and my setup does work well. I know it is right on the edge of workability, and a different person or unicycle may not have the same luck.


I’ve used a Vetta RT-88 successfully on my Coker, KH36 and Hunter36 for over a year. I just upgraded this week to a V100A - wireless with altimeter and thermometer. It seems to work fine but only has a few miles on it. The range on both is something like 70cm which is adequate if you mount the sensor up high. On my bike I use a Cateye Cordless 2 and I’m amazed at how well it works. It still has the original batteries after 2 years/5000 miles.

Downside of Vetta RT-88: buttons are not that great - need to hit both simultaneously to reset which is a pain. Downside of RT-88 and V100 series: 5 minute shutoff - and autostart only functions if the timers are on zero. This means that every time you stop for more than 5 minutes, you have to hit a button or you are not registering anymore. Lame but at least the buttons are better.


Cool, thanks for all the replies guys… I will try this out this weekend and let you guys know what I end up doing with it… I hope (and doubt) I can get it to work, because I’m not sure if I can return it anymore. Thanks again.