Wireless Cyclometer

Well, I want to put a cyclometer on my 29’, and I happened to find my mom’s old one, and luckily enough, it’s wireless. I want to see it while I am riding, but I don’t have any handlebars on my uni. I was thinking maybe putting some of those velcro strips on it and on the underside of my seat, then when i want to see it, I could just reach under and grab it and hold it. Does anyone have a similar system? I just was afraid that the velcro wouldn’t be strong enough, and on a bumpp or something he cyclometer would fall into the wheel and go zinging off into the sunset. Any ideas?

Why not strap it on your wrist.

I found that with my wireless, if the reciever wasn’t positioned just right it easily went out of range. Even a few inches in a certain direction made a difference.

Pinning it to my clothes or tucking it in my pocket worked. If put in my pocket, in order for me to look at it, I had to keep it next to the pocket and then tuck it back in.