Wireless Cycle Computer

So I want to get a new cycle computer for my coker. I have an unused, still in the box, Cateye Velo 5, but now I am thinking I want a wireless cycle computer instead. The reason for this is because I think it would be better to have no wires at all. Wires are just something that will break or get snagged. Oh yeah, and its way cooler to have no wires in my opinion. I know the bike shop where I bought it and I’m 100% sure I will get a full refund, in fact they told me I would, if I decide to go wireless.

So, should I get a wireless cycle computer? What are your experiences with them? and what can you recommend?

I might just be overly paranoid and should stick with what I have.


I have a wireless computer for my Coker. It doesn’t work.

However, I do have a long custom handle on the front. When I used the computer wirelessly I had to mount it right next to the seat. Not out front where I wanted it to be easily viewable, but directly under the front handle on my KH seat. To have it another 4-6 inches away was too far and it didn’t work then. I have the same computer now, but I purchased a wired base for it.

So it really depends upon how/where you are going to mount the computer itself.

The wire probably wouldn’t get in your way if you wrap it around the seat post or something like that. I wouldn’t get a wireless because its probably just a lot more money, when you really don’t need one. I have no expirience with a Speedmeter on a uni, but with expirience having a Speedmeter on a bicycle I would recommend wires.

I have a Cateye cordless on my Coker now, and have used it for a long time on my muni. I have the display mounted on the belt strap of my hydration waist pack so I can see it while riding. It works great, and I love not having wires.


The transmitter is really big and hard to mount. I don’t know if newer ones are any smaller.

The other day I stopped at a convenience store and as I was standing outside, I looked down and noticed the display was rapidly adding miles as I stood there! Something was emitting a frequency that freaked it out.

As with everything, there are tradeoffs.

Just get a Garmin wrist GPS unit. Nathan Hoover had one on the last ride I did with him and it was awesome. In addition to the normal Cyclocomputer functions, it also gave altitude, heart rate, maps out your route on computer and other cool stuff. I think his was about 200, but it might be worth it if you can swing the money.

The GPS is definately way more than I need, and for $200, its way more than I want to spend. Im going to keep my cycle computer now. I was planning on mounting the computer on a handle in front of the seat so if a wireless one couldn’t handle that I need to use the wires. Additionaly, it seems to me that computers with wires are more reliable (thats a really odd story S_Wallis). So I’m stickin with them wires for now.

Thanks everyone.

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a wireless computer (a Sigma 800) on my bike, and although it works fine and looks nice and tidy with no wires, I’m not sure I would bother with wireless again. The pickup/transmitter unit is much bigger than the pickup on a normal wired computer and has to be mounted further up the fork because of this (road bike fork is too skinny near the bottom - not really relevant to unicycles). But the worst pain in the arse is that there are three sets of batteries (transmitter, receiver, computer) so it’s not easy to work out which one is flat when it konks out.

Wired is probably easier, cheaper, and more dependable, but to clarify a couple of things:

The wireless should have no trouble at all mounted on the handle. Again, mine works great on my waist strap which is higher and a less direct line of sight from the transmitter. When you mount the transmitter you have to be sure the arrow is pointing to where the display will be, they are sensitive to that. Once mounted properly, they recieve dependably.

I was standing against the wall of the store and may have been next to a security system, microwave, or something similar. That is a concern with wireless.

I have been using mine for about a year and a half on the original batteries. The Cateye only uses 2 batteries


I use a Cateye Enduro 8 on my Coker, and it works quite well. I just wrapped the wire around one leg of the fork as it goes up, then mounted the unit on the seatpost. it works okay, except that I can’t read it very easily like at all while I’m riding. speaking of which…

how can I mount the unit on the coker so I can still read it? because I don’t have handlebars, where it normally goes… is there any easy way to do this? or do I need to get a better handle if I want to be able to read it? I was actually beginning to ponder getting a Reeder handle for my coker…if it’s not too much… and also if it’ll fit on a Torker LX saddle. so, will it?
EDIT oooh, and I just browsed unicycledotcom and found THIS and that looks really really sweet, and even has a mount for cycle computers. and it’s only five dollars more than the Reeder handle, so I might get that one too…and it looks like it will fit on the Coker. so I might do that. hmm, decisions decisions…

I’m changing my question, as I’ve decided I will most likely get a Reeder handle, and now I just want to know if a cycle computer can be mounted on that one. anyone?

Why do you choose a Reeder handle for your coker over a GB4 handle? GB4 handles are generally what all coker heads have and I think Reeders used for trials. I just think that GB4 handles look sweet.

However if you do get the Reeder handle for your coker, couldn’t you just mount it right on the handle part itself? If it’s around 7/8" OD, (the standard 0D of bike handlebars I think, might want to check) then I think it will work just fine.