wireless computer for a 29'er?

After doing a search on this topic I discovered a lot of talk about computers on cokers…mostly… and wired computers being a common theme. As well, some of the posts about computers on uni’s went back quite a few years.

I’m wondering if it is more common now to use wireless computers on uni’s? Are they picking up the signal from the wheel magnet accurately?

And have people found any creative ways of mounting them so that they can be read while pedaling?

How are the computer working out for those of you using them on your 29’ers?

I use the cheap wireless from the Mec, it works fine but needs to be mounted on the crown or seat post to be close enought to the transmitter.

Cheers Dave

that would be an awesome idea!.. i could read unicyclist forums while riding!

Wireless computers work by infra red, they need to be in line of sight with the transmitter, genreally no more than 1 metre away form the transmitter and within 10 degrees of the axis of it. This means that you can only really mount them on the crown, so you might aswell just use a wire and have a more reliable and cheaper setup. Alot of long distance riders use a wired computer and mount it up under the handle so they can see it between their legs when they ride, not ideal as you have to look down but pretty good. I’ve also tried a couple of GPS wrist watch systems, if you spend the money they’re excellent, the garmin 301 i’m using does mapping, heart rate plus all the ususal features and you can download your ride profile on to the computer and synch it with a map, so you can see where you’ve been, elevation profile, your speed and heartrate at each point along the trail.

Daniel - i can remeber reading some while ago on here about someone who tried reading RSU on their laptop whilst riding home, the verdict was possible but tricky, and very risky indeed.

Assuming you’re talking about cycle computers (rather than trying to use a laptop or whatever while on the uni…) they’re usually radio signal, not infra red, and don’t need to be mounted in line-of-sight. I’m not sure what the range is though - the one on my bike is probably less than two feet from the transmitter - but on a unicycle it could well be possible to mount it on your body or wrist and still pick up the signal, then you could look at it easily.

get a wrist mounted GPS from MEC!!

all you’ll need, never have to set it, or wonder if it’s accurate, and you can even read it whenever you want

(i don’t have one, but my running friends do)

Rob, i wasn’t aware that they existed working by radio, this has tempted me to try and get my hands on one, when i looked around a couple of years ago I couldn’t get anything for reasonable money that wasn’t IR, i guess things have moved on, thanks for the info and the correction.

Mine’s a Sigma one, a three or four years old. I think they’re mostly radio now, but I’m not sure what the range is or how directional the signal is - I haven’t really experimented. Presumably the range is pretty small otherwise it would get a bit freaky riding in a group, but it may be just enough to mount it on a wrist or on your body.

Thanks for those suggestions.

Brian if that wrist GPS wasn’t too expensive it would probably be the ticket as it seems a shame to have a cycle computer on the uni but then not be able to read it except when you’re not actually riding.