Wireless bikecomputer work on a T7?

How well does a wireless bikecomputer work on a T7?
I ask this because I want to buy a Sigma BC1606L DTS and the manual online (http://www.gebruikershandleiding.com/download.asp?download_id=21446 page 6) says that the distance between the transmitter and reciever can only be 70cm AND vary 30°. So it looks like this one won’t work an T7 setup, but i’m not sure.
Anyone got a wireless bikecomputer that does work an a T7 bar?

The Sigma and the CatEye will work with the T7 Handle. I am running the Sigma on my T7 now. I have it on the other side of the water bottle mount closest to the Handle in the front of the T7. It is snugged against the weld where the bend is. I run it there because it is protected if I crash. :slight_smile:

You got the Sigma BC1606L?
And I like to run mine on top on the handle in the midle so that I can see the speed when I ride and tuck