Wipeout Video

New wipeout video, Some new ones, and some of the old ones from the old one.

But this time has better music;)




I liked it nice bails!:stuck_out_tongue: Shows just how hard it can be to land a 360 when you’re learning…and I mean me!:smiley:

That so wants to make me go out and learn 360 unispins :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, no pain no gain

I like the determination on the 360unispins mang

Yeah, I took alot of falls learning those 3 spins…

how many uni’s do you have?

Just 2. But Ive gone threw quite a few parts and different unis.

ya its funny seeing my sisters unicycle in your vid :stuck_out_tongue: . nice bails though!

ouch. When you do a drop, you’re not supposed to bounce off the seat!