Wintery Ride

Well, I have just started doing hops and other fancy stuff other than just riding normally. So after a very cold 30min ride, I discovered hopping with standstills, which helps a lot! I also tried some spinning turns, which are really really hard on the very slippery surface that I was on. Next up was SIF, I have done a bit of work on it before but its still new. Today I got about 20 feet SIF, which isn’t easy on a slippery surface. Expecally when you have a small, bald tire.

On that note, my NEW torker DX gets here soon, really soon! It’s less than 400 miles away (yes, I can track the shipment on the shipping site :). I cant wait for that thing to arrive! I mean, a tire that is actully prehoppable!

So, it was hard to ride the bald tire on a slippy surface but I did a lot!

Now, Im doing some homework and sipping a nice cranberry apple tea sitting in front of a fire watching TV. :slight_smile:

I just got my torker dx today, it was so great to ride, but the seat post was really high, its good to see that your improving with your stuff =p

Mine should be comming on wensday, but it could come tomorow…

How do you like your torker?

I love it!!! it is a little bit heavy, but after abour 20-seconds of riding it i was already use to that factor, and i had to find the right air-pressure for my hopping, but i didnt want it too low to be slugish when i ride.

Tomorrow ill have the whole day to give it its crash course, thats gonna be tons of fun :smiley:

Are you riding it in snow? I got a month and a bit of snow left here in ottawa, so Im wondering how it works on snow… Bald tire + slipperyness = crap!

And do you have 20" or 24"? I got a 24".

I got the 20" would of got the 24 but i dont plan to do any Muni, mainly all trials and street, and there was a little snow in some spots near my neighborhood, and there was no slipping on it at all, and i was hopping, SIF hopping, and rolling hops all over it.

Well, I plan to do some Muni too :slight_smile:

Well, you are better than me! But I think that an '06 DX will do better than a 25ish year old norco with a bald tire and pedals which have broken too many times. I guess the norco will still be good for letting people try out the wonderful world of uni.

My torker is in OH(io?) and near Chicago, I think… Which means its 12 driving hours from Ottawa… But then again, me and google maps could be wrong.

Don’t forget that you probably aren’t the only one getting a delivery, they probably have plenty of stops ahead of you.

Yes, I know, but it is listed from UPS to arrive tomorow. It is in Canada now, so it should be here soon :).