Anybody who lives where it snows, could you please help me out?

I felt okay after unicycling in my basement for about half this winter, but once I got my giraffe, I realized I need some place to go. I tried it at a local university, but they went nuts and kicked me out. Does anybody know of a place to go in the winter, where uni’s are allowed??

I would suggest public parks, conservation areas, etc. Places where bikes are generally allowed. Mall parking lots, factory parking lots or arena parking lots (use caution) are usually pretty good. If you are looking for muni then check out where the skiiers and snowshoers go. Cross country ski trails are the ones that you have to be the most careful of. Don’t wreck their tracks cause they get some upset.

winter riding…
This morning I had the oppotunity to enjoy some great winter riding. I had to get out of town and meet someone at 8.30am, there were no busses going that way that early, so…
I took the 700c wheel for a spin at dawn today. I was wrapped up warm and the route was one I’d never taken before but turned out to be fantastic fun. The roads were so quiet I was only passed by a handfull of cars in the 3 miles or so I did.Part of the route was through fields, the hedges were rimed with frost and the grass was stiffly spiked and frozen. In the lanes I meet a landslip that had nearly but not quiet blocked the way and sheets of ice that had to take very carefully. The dawn sky was streaked with pinks and gold in a lilac blue expance, just a few high sparce clouds drifting slowy by. Not a breath of wind stired the trees and I felt I had the world to myself for just a few moments of calm.

Winter riding, it doesn’t have to be indoors!


I went for a MUni ride today. It was an area with many cross-county skiers, and there was some nice natural 6 foot drops off to the side that i kept doing. They didn’t seem to mind that i was riding in their tracks (it wasabout 3 inches of snow over ice and that was the only place it was rideable) All in all it was a pleasant experiance. As for riding your giraffe, if you c’ant ride it down streets, parking lots will be tough too, if you really want, you can lay out some plywood, or shovel a rideable area, or find a uni club that has a gym they rent.
hope that helps, oh, and trials in the snow is awesome!


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Come on down South where it is Summer!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I proof read this and believe you should free to fast forward past it.

The way I read it, he’s looking for a indoor place to ride so that is how I will respond.

I grew up LDS. Their churches has a large auditorium in the back that contained a basketball court. We did everything in there. I didn’t unicycle back then but If you found the local LDS (or other church with similar facility) they would probably let you ride around in the auditorium on a day that was not Sunday. They are generally open on other days besides sunday for other activities, not all of them religious, (scout meeting, drama practice, talent shows, etc…) Of course you should try not to swear outloud if you fall and hurt yourself. :slight_smile:

Some of the churches had hardwood court floor while others had super short, stiff, -hard enough to play basketball-, carpet.

Know of any empty warehouses? Or try to find the batcave.? Airplane hangers? ballet studio?

Maybe a dance club/ bar that is open during the day and all that open floor that nobody is using during the day. Of course they may expect you to drink a couple if you are hanging out for a while… :slight_smile:

I blame any and all bad ideas here on the Christkindles Gluhwein I’m drinking.



Thank you guys.

Thanks “ratherbekayaking” I know of a church like that, and even a dance place that I could try riding around in.

Thanks “drewnicycle” for the tip on riding in parks. There is a covered part in my close by park.

The others, I am looking into indoor riding, I not that into MUni. More of a freestyle person.

GizmoDuck. Thanks for the advice… I WISH I COULD!!!

I know you want to ride inside, and it’s obviously the place to work on new skills. But when the gym is not available, there’s always this:

Sure that’s fun, but keep the unicycle clean and dry it off when finished to prohibit rust.

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>I blame any and all bad ideas here on the Christkindles Gluhwein I’m

OT: Funny that you mention this; I’m drinking the very same Gluhwein
now. I heat it by the glass in the microwave. If that is a bad idea,
logic has it that I cannot blame the Gluhwein though.

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> Anybody who lives where it snows, could you please help me out?

I tried going for a ride on Saturday. There was fresh snow on the
street that had been churned up from traffic. Below that was ice
from last week’s freezing-rain. It was weird: although I could
maintain control, I was pedaling about 1.5 times as fast as I was
actually going and maintaining lateral control was hard with the
wheel slipping sideways. I was exhausted after about a block of
this, and had to dismount. It took a few minutes before I had
rested enough to muster the coordination to mount again and go
back. Now the plow’s been by and I should have another try…

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How come your screen name has MUni in it?

Just wondering. :slight_smile: