Winter Unicycling

I and my little brother filmed a lot and that’s the result:

i’m 12 and my little brother is 10:

(sorry for my bad english)

-Raphael Pöham

Simply awesome.

And you’re only 12 lol :angry:

Awesome Raphael! You guys are so good…awesome Treflip, and doubleflip…

Your brother has an awesome uni for 10 years old!


so, so nice Raphael.
I really enjoyed the movie…
looking forward to the next one:)

wow this was awsome Raphael im off to try some of those tricks now:D
your to good :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i will use the KH frame for trial but the koxx one longneck frame is very fine for flat and street!

very nice video! Im so jealous because i suck at flat :frowning:

But…you’re so young:o

You better not quit riding. If you stick with it, when you are 18 or so you will be rediculously good. (even tho you already are)

+1. He is a crazy rider for 12!

+1, again. If he has the strenght at that age to pull off a 540 i’m sure he’ll have 720s down soon.

Do people think anyone will ever get a 900? Surely it’s easy (relatively) on a light freestyle uni?

Sigh… I wish I’d started riding when I was 12 :wink: I’m inspired though! When we build our house I’m putting in a “unicycle room” for the winter :smiley:

I wish I had a nice open room in my house to practice in the winter.

Last year the garage was clean and I learned to 180 but now it’s full of crap, oh well.

P.S. Nice riding :envy:

sick stuff i like it alot raph

u get better every vid

You’re probably the best 12 year old unicyclist ever :astonished:

that was sick. i wish i could do half the stuff yur doing. yur lucky to have such talent so young. stick with it and keep it up, both of you