Winter Unicycling Part 1

Hi guys well i have been wanting to put a video together for a while and the snow has really help prevent that, but i made the first part to my video, becuase i dont know when i can start filming again. My camera just decided to stop working and i still got to figure out whats wrong with that. So anyways here it is, its not anything good, i couldn’t land any bigger tricks like some 3 spins becuase i cut up my leg when i started to rid again and didn’t want to re-open the wound but i just had fun making it and any tips in both video editing and riding would be appericiated thanks.

that was a really good Bail :stuck_out_tongue:

made me laugh out loud

good start, keep at it. I think you can do 360s better then me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, how long have you been riding?

First off for the trials, try to sidehop opposite to the hand holding the seat.

For the 90unispin, hopping on wheel. Try get both of your feet touching the frame, you’ll be a lot more stable.

nice video :wink:

and like unicycledood says: try to sidehop opposite to the hand holding the seat :slight_smile:

haha thanks guys, ya the bail was funny to me too lol, and i have been riding for a year and some. Thanks for the tips also:)