Winter Uni?

Well, i really want to go out and ride! Ive been doing short streches in my house for a little while, but now Im wondering how hard it is to ride outside… In the snow.

go outside and find out??

That depends on how “hard” the snow (or ice) is, among other things. Here’s some of my winter unicycling fun from over the years:

Good idea :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make sure this wasnt some kind of crazy idea…

What kind of uni do you ride? My brother has a 20" trials that has somewhat hard of a time in anything over 3" of snow whereas my 24"x3" muni has no problem in that much snow. On a uni with all the weight on the one tire you go through the snow with much more traction than a bike. (unless you have a bald tire)

snow ridin

My 26x3 seems to be a snow machine to me. I like riding on the groomed ski area trails which are hard packed enough to float on, I recommend at night with a full moon or a light onboard:) . Ocassionally I run into a snowcat driver who can’t believe his eyes.

Winter just adds a barrier between you and the concrete, you may meet this barrier a bit more but its safter tahn the ground so thts fine.