Winter training ideas

Here’s one :D:


… you stop riding in the winter?

will be…

…really trying to go full bore this year. The boys and I are scouting various sites.

Been seeing what people do in the winter in the “pics of your latest ride” thread. Looks like studded tires are required at times.

I did a lot of winter riding last year (almost all muni). Lack of studded tires was never a limiting factor for me. I had plenty of traction. Flotation, leg power and skill were my limiters.

Now, if you rode on roads where packed snow/ice were more prevalent, then studs might help. I wonder if they make a studded 36er tire… :roll_eyes:

Muni is Winter training. That’s what got me into Unicycling for my off season kayak racing. Cardio, core and balance.

Oops- no more kayak racing. Uni too much fun!