winter tire change

After sliding around in melting snow on my 26" MUni with a street slick, I
changed to a Cheng Shin whitewall cruiser-style tire. It is a 2.125" wide tire
but when placed on my narrow (26.1mm) rim it clears the forks on my Semcycle
frame by a good 1/8" on each side.

The tread is broad and consists of flat oval knobs. The tire is rated at 35-40
psi but with 50psi in it, the ride is very cushy. Does well in the thin snow I
found the other day. Not much change in handling, maybe slightly less “twisty”.

Winter unicycling tip: Don’t ride through puddles --they may be concealing a
layer of ice on the pavement below. Unless of course you have on your wetsuit
and feel like doing a little swimming.

Dennis Kathrens