winter solstice

Last night I got in from the pub and was sitting around with Penny chatting about it being the Winter Solstice yesterday. For some reason, we decided that we’d get up, walk to the top of a nearby hill and watch the sun coming up at dawn this morning.

So I wake up at 6.30, but is there any chance of anyone coming out with me, hell no. Suddenly I have a change of plan, I grab a quick bit of breakfast and bung a bunch of sis go gels into my camelbak along with my work clothes and set off alone to watch the dawn on my coker.

As I head out in the dark, I meet a lone dog walker, with a psycho alsation from hell, which attempts to eat me, but fortunately is held back by the owner. I’ve got the lights on, as there’s no light at all yet. I head up along a back path behind a school, then I have to go along a massive road and do a right turn across it. At this point I had a real scare, as I’m not entirely awake and neither is the person who stops as if to give way to me, then suddenly starts as I’m in front of their bumper. I bang the coker up a kerb and end up safe but a bit shocked.

After this, I head up on a path along the side of a field, this is much nicer, it’s starting to get light, the birds are singing, I see rabbits and field mice running across the path. I’m riding flat out on the coker down a lovely slightly twisty narrow downhill. The sky is kind of bluey-pink now and I’m full of energy.

I get to the canal, which goes pretty much to work, but then I have a cunning thought, which is that there’s an old railway route that’s been converted into a cyclepath which is really fast to ride along and according to the map is only 2 or 3 miles away. So I head up the road towards this, forgetting to look at the contours, only to discover that someone put the biggest hill in the world here and I was stupidly riding straight over it on a road with lots of big lorries going along it.

Whooshing down the hill, I nearly miss the tiny turning onto the cycle-path and have to do a u-turn. It’s properly light now, so I look at my watch and notice that it’s 8.47, so start riding super-fast towards work. Until I hit the canal again, when I suddenly get blown backwards by a massive headwind, which continues all the way to work.

I get into work to some funny looks, my face is pretty muddy, I’m absolutely knackered, I’ve just been for a long ride for two hours and it’s only 9.15 in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day though.


Re: winter solstice

a very kewl way to celebrate the Solstice

i was thinking about getting some pizza and maybe a video or two…

Re: winter solstice

got a shower at your workplace?
lucky: I haven’t.
So I have to arrive fairly early and wash myself at the men’s lavatory.

So one day the BigBoss entered: what the heck was he doing there? bosses are not supposed to arrive early! first time ever I spotted him on the premises!
he was very cool and pretended not to notice.
(a sweaty bear is not a tremendous sight :smiley: )

Well, I went into work on the Solstice and commented to colleagues, “It’s going to be a long night tonight…” “Eh? Why’s that?”


Also, after years of thinking, every 21/12 (as we write it over here), “Oh, 2112, there’s a Rush album called that,” I went out on a whim and bought it at lunch time. Most disappointing: like Lloyd Webber with guitars.

And the unicycle connection? er… I went out on a one wheeled whim?

the horror, the horror


Wow, what a way to start the working day, most people kick start their day with a cup of coffee, I’m sometimes tempted out of bed early in the summer for a an early morning ride but can’t be arsed in the winter. So, does this mean that you’re back Coker commuting? I know you said last month that you were tempted to dust off the Coker.

found this quite by accident today and realised that the link is bad
not dead, just wrong
it links to ‘The Onion’ (not of itself a bad thing) but it was originally intended to link to an article they ran about men suffering from post melodramatic stress disorder after being forced to see the movie based on lloyd webber’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’
but it doesn’t anymore
and since this is bound to be here for a while, i wanted to make sure that any archiving trawlers who come across this in the obscure year of 2525 will know what the intention was with the original link

sorry for the inconvenience

Can’t help thinking, Gild, that you may have too much time on your hands…

("post melodramatic stress disorder - I like it!)

just a lil’ bit
it’s these three hours in the studio every morning…
i was actually searching for something entirely different and saw that quite by accident

yeah, the PMDSO was one of the Onion’s best pieces in a long while
mind u, the pope stuff they’re doing at the moment is just hillarious
i can’t wait for next week to see what they do on ratzbastinger

in addition to having too much time on my hands, i also don’t have a life