Winter/snow Muni

I figured since winter is right around the corner I would start a new thread for winter. Please post any parts, shoes, clothes, techniques and contraptions that made unicycling in the winter that much easer/fun-er. I know there is a few other forms for this but I thought we need a fresh start. So on with the races.

For shoes, I would suggest something warm, waterproof, and gators around your snow pants and boots, since a upd into snow will fill your shoes with cold.:smiley:

I would like to start with tires. I use a WIDE TIRE (2.7+), this has helped a lot in the past. With this wide tire you have options when it come to pressure. You can dump almost all the air out to try to “float on top”. Option 2 max it out in an attempt to cut through it to the hard packed stuff below, this may also work better with narrower/thin spiked tires.

I’m thinking some kind of boot. One with lots of ankle movement.

i use homemade chains and a 2.8in tire snowboots snow suit and full face helmet with ski goggles and thick gloves, when you wreck it doesnt hurt at all

how diy you make the chains? and what did you make them out of?

if you run brakes you can use them but they are just a little bit of chain and some clamps

I had an idea, that maybe for chains, you could use hose clamps around the rim and tire with the knobby screw part sticking out…

This might damage the rim, though…

I used chains for one winter. They worked OK but studs are better.

I would much rather have a dedicated winter tire than risk damaging my rims.

Layers, it is all about layers. generally I will go with long underwear, top and bottom, if it is colder than -25 or -30 I add a thin sweater, then I have my camel pack, then I have a fleece vest over the cammelpack and usually open in the front. Then a windbreaker which I modified to fit over the backpack. Regular heavy pants, insulated hiking boots, KH wrist wrap gloves and an uninsulated gauntlet mitt shell. Touque and ski-goggles.

Plenty of energy food, a couple lighters, some tinder, a small pot /metal cup incase you need to melt some snow, two tea bags and a flashlight.

The biggest problem with my setup is my windbreaker does not breath so I have to take it off periodically and knock the frost off where it builds up on the inside. I could also use warmer boots but don’t want to go too bulky.

holy hell how much does all that weigh? and do you look like the michilin man?

Doesn’t weight all that much and nope not Michelin manish at all. Maybe a bit hunch backed with the backpack under the jacket.

The clothing is probably lighter than a snowsuit (unless you are talking about a fancy down suit) as for the gear, about half a pound of food, about 1.5 pounds for backpack, tools, cup, fire kit, lights, 3lbs of water. so about 5lbs.

Not too bad if it is going to save your but if you hurt yourself on the trail.

Oh yah and always tell someone where you are going so they can find you if you don’t come back.

i definitely do not doubt your method, but to a californian who gets zero snow it just seems, well, different. but kinda bear grylls-ish

i like no chains or studs the best

thats a really good idea. you may want to get some kind of rubber tube to protect your rim and tire.

you should come up to minden for a snow ride some time.

I ride in snow just with my Gazz, no studs or chains, but it would probably be good for ice. I’ll ride my Muni alot this winter, I hate winter except for the “Wuni” side, I love Wuni-ing.

i just use my uni as it is (26" with the 3er tyre) some times i used tgis for the uphill:

(the two vids, to how much fun it is!!)

what kind of boots do you use when riding in the deep stuff?

a good high hiking boot