Winter skills

I have reported in the past on my winter uni skills and asked for help and
suggestions. Thought I would report on what I have learned in the past month or
2 in my basement.

  1. I have learned the side mount from both sides, with leg around front and leg
    around back. The jump mount, and the reverse mount. (The jump mount is really
    easy. If you can’t do it, give it a try)

  2. Still working on the kickup mount which I got from the skill file. Thanks to
    Dennis and Ken for the skill file on this one. I can usually get this about
    50% of the time now and still improving.

  3. Working on juggling tricks while idling. Can do some basic stuff with clubs,
    but I would like to get a behind the back throw in. Can’t get it yet. A month
    or so ago I was able to pass clubs with a friend while idling on my uni! This
    was a great milestone.

  4. Working on juggling while idling with my weak foot. Can’t get past 10-12
    throws yet even on a good day.

Also, my 2 boys got a 16 inch unicycle for Christmas. The 5 year old has not
spent much time on it, but the 7 year old is to the point where he can,
sometimes, make it by himself the full 18 feet or so across the basement. He is
not real confident yet and wants me to be there helping him all the time.

My 5 year old is learning to juggle though, where the 7 year old isn’t. 10
throws and 9 catches is his best so far.

Dad just has to brag on his kids.

Most of what I have learned on my unicycle is because of this mailing list.
Keeps me interested and gives me lots of new ideas. Everybody keep up the
good work.

How do you go up steps on a unicycle? Do you just hop up one at a time? I can
hop pretty well, but I can’t get the height needed to make it up any kind of a
step. And once on a step I am afraid I would slip off. Any help on this?

Andy Arhelger