Winter Session - Martin&Josef Sjönneby

Vimeo link will be added here soon.


Wow, awesome!:slight_smile:
The tricks in this video are so cool.
I just love this video so much.:D:D

FANTASTIC video Josef and MArtin. You really have outdone yourself this time. You’re edits are always so flowy and relaxing to watch, which isn’t easy when you’re throwing down sejsides! LOVE IT bud. Keep posting videos man! I gotta see this riding some more! Also, I think I pee’d myself at 1:37 :open_mouth:

-Colby :smiley:

omg so creatif tricks.
i love the editing

That video was really nice to watch. I don’t know how you can do such awesome tricks in the snow!

Nice work, guys. 1:36 might be my favorite thing I’ve ever seen on a unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: So clean and smooth and unique.

you guys rock! :slight_smile: love your videos so much. like others said 1:37 was amazing…the whole video was great though. please keep making videos like this! I really enjoy them :slight_smile:

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wow nice video :smiley:
1:37 reminded me of loic he did a similar trick


Yes, he said on facebook he wanted to name it “Loic stepover” beacause loic did the same thing, apart from the 540 in the end…

Such a great vid guys! can’t believe you guys can ride like that in the snow! Especially that trial line from rail to rail that martin did! very impressive! :slight_smile:

Really good …love the skinny work. Love a snow vid…


rail gap was crazzy, especially considering it was prob wet