Winter-proofing unis

After looking at my poor trials uni, i decided that i needed to do something to: a)remove all the ruse on it and b)make it so the rust will be less likely to form.

I have a beford trials frame, but some of the crome-plating got scratched off, and the metal underneath rusted. also, My profile cranks (no crome on the pedals grabbing side, little on the non-pedals grabbing side) are solid rust, and the bearings are covered in rust.

I took the uni apart, and used an S.O.S. pad to take off all the rost (worked great!)
Then, i covered all the parts that had rusted in wood verathane. This stuff goes on easy, and dries nicely, and clear, making barely noticable. I put on a couple coats, let it dry for 1 hour, then put it back together, and put it away. This fix worked great! My Uni is rust-free, and looking good. I c’ant see any downsides to it, except that the verathane on my cranks and bearing holders will wear off, but it’s easy to re-apply.

I would strongly suggest this to any of you who Uni is wet/snowy conditions.


its that horrible grit salt they put on the roads to stop them freezing that does it,

i’d be weary of coating the parts in and form of impenetrabe barrier just in case i left some of the salt underneath, continuing to eat away at my precious profiles, if your sure theres none left then thats fine, but i prefer to cover my trials uni in light oil, leaving it a bit sticky and horrid.

If it is an impenetrable barrier, wouldn’t it be impenetrable by oxygen, preventing the rust anyway?

shouldn’t use an SOS pad Ryan, because you’re scratching it up even further…more spots to rust.

Spray WD-40 onto your uni parts and let soak (because your’s is soo rusty)

For mild rust, skip this step, and spray WD-40 onto a plastic scratch pad (like on the back of a sponge) and scrub with that.

Prevention…after a winter ride, just throw it in the wash tub (or bath tub…against Mrs. Sofa’s wishes) and spray it with water. Just spray off all the outside crap, and let it drip dry.

It’s all the salt, and outside elements that cause the rust, no worries from sparkling clean bathtub water.

You may need to regrease anything that had grease prior to WD-40 soaking

Good Luck

I only used The SOS pads on the EXTREMELY rusty parts, and everything else was just gently scrubbing, plus, it’s mainly the crome plated stuff, and the cranks c’ant really get anymore scratched. but in the futur, i will use the WD-40, and the bathtub technique.
Thanks Sofa!


I ride in the snow frequently but have not had any problems with rust on my cranks etc. I now wash down and apply wd-40 to my uni after all my rides in salt and slush and any nasty conditions. Thanks for the tips.:slight_smile: