Winter prep and suggestions

I realized this problem would be coming up, I got big into freestyle riding at the end of winter this year, and now it has come again.

So for freestyle, trials, and street. How does everybody cope with the cold?

Is the blustery winter doomed to win this battle? Right now it’s just about freezing here in Atlanta. I usually resort to empty sections of parking decks and open outdoor basketball courts. Now it’s getting a little too cold to work on technical tricks. i find my hands and feet going numb. Bundling up just makes you overheat, there seems to be no comfy middle ground.

As far as inside goes, the inside courts are off limits. God what I would give for one day with that thing on a real gym floor. . .

specific clothing suggestions would be great

I’d say under armor it’s expensive, but works.

It’s been a few years since I was riding daily, but when I did I rode trials, in the winter I’d dress in layers. That way I could do some easy stuff to warm up and eventually work down to nothing but a t-shirt and jeans or even shorts.

Last winter I was big into running and exercising outside and under-armor really made the winter not much of an issue. It’s light, so it doesn’t restrict movement, and it regulates body temperature so you don’t over heat. When you first get out the door it’ll seem really cold, but once moving it’s very comfortable. I was outside running even when we we’re snowed in for 2 weeks and the wind chill was down in the negatives.

Under-armor makes really awesome gloves, very thin so you can still use keys, phones, anything really, but again keep your hands warm.

As for your feet, I’ve always loved wool socks for the winter, it’ll keep your feet warm even when wet. Wicks the sweat away as well.

Riding in plain cotton dress really makes the winter quite unbearable unless your willing to go bare chest before you sweat and soak all of your clothing. Not quite the same as uni, but I even road-biked quite a lot last year during the cold and was quite comfy considering the weather. I’d never have to turn back or stop because I was cold.

dont go blow your money at underarmor. instead go buy some cheap 5-10$ long sleeve tees, and just wear 2-3 at a time. for 1 40$ underarmor piece of clothing, you can have like 6 long sleeve tees. and if youre afraid thatll be too bulky or something, buy them a size smaller

just dress in layers. i actually like when it gets cold like this, because so dressing in so many layers is like extra padding… and falls dont hurt.

tonight i wore, jeans with my shinguards on top, a short sleeve tee, 2 long sleeve tees on top of that, 2 sweatbands on top of the l/s tees to keep air from going up my sleeves, and a hoodie on top of that with the hood up over my helmet… also leather gloves are key. it was about 37f tonight and i was hot.

Yes, layers is the key word here.