winter is the best

Park the wheel , get those fat boards out and shred the powpow
Winter is the time to ski. Winter storms,more please I want alll the deeeeeep fresh


How dare you say that! Winter is the most TERRIBLE time of the year! Winter should die! Snowbaording is cool, but unicycling IS THE BEST!!! |:D:D||:D:D||:D:D|**|:D:D|

ya I ripp it up on the one planker too ,fat skiis are the choice tho,I’d ride the wheel in the cummunity hall but thats a small room ,boring and missing out on white h20 is not an option.
Winter Rocks YO

Im going in a gate race for fun on my MUni at the ski hill over the spring break should get a lot a laughssss,garranteed a prize