Winter is not zewling! 4 (|flatland vid from Brno)

Hi. Winter is here and with this there is new vid. Winter is not zewling! No with nuber 4. Enjoy it in HD. If you want, leave the comment.


great stuff man, really nice comobo’s and loved the editing! what sort of tyre is that, looks thinner then normal trials uni tyres…

That was awesome :), I also liked the trial lines.

Really cool video!!! I loved all the crazy combos, and it was great to see you using the same uni with the flatland wheel for trials and street :slight_smile:

Thanks to all. Its normal Maxxis tyre, 20x2,25. It’s thin but i like it and I’m used to it.

Lovly Flat style!!

Really enjoyable video! NIce Editing, normally I dont really like this border thing on films, but urs were very cool :wink:
I dont think the music was good for the video, but I really love Irie Revoltes! Think It’s better for some street stuff because there’s more speed in it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this cool vid! :smiley:

i love this video. you have definately become one of my favorite riders. your style is a lot different from most people’s flat style. you are way more agressive and its really fun to watch :slight_smile:

keep it up!