[Winter in Europe] Where?


Well, after my first convention, UNICON in Denmark, I stoped buying stupid things to travel again. :smiley:

After researching a bit I decided to attend Wuko (EUC2009) in Cologne, Germany!

The biggest problem: It’s a 3 days convention, and I will spend a LOT in airplane tickets to go to Europe (the most expensive for me).

So I’m researching cool and cheap places to ride in Europe. For me the best places are France, Germany, Norway and Denmark I think (Opened for different places;)).

I’m planning to stay in hostels, and I need to know what places have great groups to ride flat/trials/street.

I’m planning to stay from 15 January to the end of Wuko, but If there’s a better time to stay (after or before Wuko), let me know!

The trip isn’t confirmed yet, but I need to know what places are great to calculate how much money I will need!


There are quite a lot of people riding in and around Paris. You would be more than welcome there. If I am around you could of course sleep at my place. Just not sure when I am going skiing, but it is around that time so we’d have to plan it well. Let me know.


Thanks François!

I’m checkiong hostels in Paris anyway, I don’t want to annoy anyone…

There’s a better place in Paris? Close to somewhere as a reference to search hostels?

Thanks Again!

Hey Pedro after unicon I went around Europe a bit, and a friend of mine was staying in Paris, I will let you know what hostel he stayed at because I remember he said it was really really good.


Well, I researched a bit, some cheap hostels…There are lots of possibilities!

Another question: I noticied that there are lots of riders around montpellier too!

Where’s the best place? Anyone can give tips abut that? And do you think that I can post in English on FFM Forums?

Thanks Again!

I plan to go to France in January too! And I’d love to meet some unicyclist around Lyon or Paris or anywhere at France hehe! If anyone know a group of unicyclists or someone who would like to ride with me while I stay there, please, let me know! =)

Paris is a great place and easy to get to from everywhere - has direct trains from/to Cologne, and there are nice unicyclists there.

The list of countries you have is sensible, as they’re all quite easily gettable to from Germany (except maybe Norway - I’d think that’d be a flight or a long ferry). Dunno what the weather does to street riding, if you’re cool with riding when it is cold/wet, there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Last time I stayed in hostels in Germany, they were really cheap, and very nice. Paris is a bit more expensive I’ve always found.


Hi Guys!

Well, acctualy I think that I’m going to ride with Adrien in Montpellier…

I’ll probably arrive at 15 January and them make Wuko in the next week! I have to call him to see when I’ll arrive and when we’ll go to Germany!

Re você deveria ir para Wuko! São 3 dias de competição e MUITA festa… E não é caro… Você pode ficar durmindo no ginásio com a galera… www.e-u-c.info

Ve ai o que voce acha… mas ia valer a pena :wink:

If anyone from Montpellier wants to ride… I’ll be there in January :wink:

can’t you stay with somebody in france??? to ride with?? :smiley:

Read his post just above you…

haha thx :smiley:

Então Pedro é que tipo, eu vou tá estudando lá na França… ae eu não tenho certeza se vai dar pra ir msm pra Wuko! Por isso eu queria tbem encontrar alguém em Lyon, pra andar durante os dias de semana msm… mas ñ sei de vai dar mto certo, pq lá vai ser inverno e vai tá um puta frio!! Hahaha

Anyone in Lyon??? O.O

Re, vc fala frances?

Nesse forum voce acha todo mundo da frança… Os franceses não andam muito por aqui na verdade… só msn e alguns nesse forum: http://monocycle.info/forums/

Boa Sorte… E tenta ir pra Wuko… Beer Std. Skills é MTO divertido :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Qualquer coisa me adiciona no MSN!

Nossa, valeuzão!
Vou entrar lá ver se acho alguém, hehe!
Já peguei seu msn!