Winter Fun

Well, it was Saturday and it was alright conditions outside to ride, so Any_Terrain and I went riding and filmed. My camera is near dead and is now even worse quality and is now having internal problems so I lost a couple clips.

Anyways, not the best riding because we were freezing, we tried to get what we wanted to, didn’t, and decided to just keep the footage.

I’ll upload to youtube later, even though the quality will be horrible.

im confused Any_Terrain, an 08 frame on an 07 wheel?

Anyway. Fun!

Nice. Cool vid, sick flat. The only bad thing was the lack of overhickflips:p

He bought an 07 KH but later broke the frame. After getting it replaced and broken again, UDC gave him an 08.

I will get it in my next vid (ordered my camera :D). May not be for a while though because school is starting back up :frowning:

Well, this video sucked.

nice vid;)
and i really like the big bail :smiley:

good job guys! Looks like a nice little trials course you have too.