Winter freewheel unicycling

It looks a bit too cold for me. And freewheeling seems to involve a lot of sitting in the snow! :smiley: Fun to watch.
Interesting music.

Thanks for sharing !

You seem to have a very good coasting technique with long freewheeling time without any uppper body balance adjustment required.

And I am green with envy seeing that you already have snow ! (I’m still waiting for some around here :wink: ).

Outdoor only + 1 degree Celsius. Absolutely not cold! :slight_smile:

This is mega popular singer in Russia - Alla Pugacheva.
Chorus in this song:
Snow falls on everyone, all fall down on the snow!

We use the brakes! :wink:

This snow has melted already! :smiley:

Great video! It looks like a lot of fun! Do you guys practice sliding at all? Locking up the brakes and seeing how far you can get? I practice skidding on dirt sometimes but I don’t have snow where I live to practice sliding.


I don’t practice sliding specially. It happens forcedly on snow. I was sliding about one foot.