Winter euc 2011 - video

Hey :slight_smile:
Matti, Moo and me & co made a little vid in the last december week of 2010 and during the first days of 2011.

here are the links:
I hope you will enjoy the few clips :roll_eyes:

Expect nothing big!

Riding:Matti Meuser, Moritz Eisbach, Buchele Stefan
Edit:Matti Meuser


That was a joke right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Very nice video, I loved the flatland and ofcourse the maxwhip;) Good job!

Oh my god

that seat/maxwhip was insane

maxwhip with a crankflip? :open_mouth:

That’s a reverse maxwhip if I’m not mistaken.
Good video.

i liked most of the coast type tricks (1:11 and 1:27) in the vid - they seemed to have a lot of flow :smiley: and the blind/reverse maxwhip - it was decent :stuck_out_tongue:

Buchi or Matti (i have no idea who it was), your step over 2 foot to push and weird coasting was just way too cool.

Forward seat whip would make more sens.


This trick can’t be done blind, just like a crankflip cran’t be done blind either.

Blind is when you twist in your opposite direction as usual
Switch is when you have the opposite foot forward/backard than usually.

oh - okay, must have got a bit confused :slight_smile: but still - what a badass trick!!

Awesome video! The forward seatwhip was really amazing!

MAXFLIP!!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? No, this needs a totally diffrent name. Because yeah it went forward and had a crankflip. INSANE

Deluxe Whip Flip :stuck_out_tongue:

But you could also say he just spun the whole uni, instead of just the frame, right? I doubt he tried to flip it, just like max’s whip had a half flip in it…

I agree with Max (P.), it’s just normal that the cranks flip, since it’s a forward whip. My forward whip (attempt) does the same. Max (S.) whipped his backward, but did it rolling, keeping the cranks to flip a whole revolution backward.

Either way, I think I prefer Adrien’s whip, I thought the landing was cleaner (but the prehop was awful). I also loved all the other flat lines, especially the flip to kinda one foot stand up coast.


I felt like Adrien’s would be a lot easier when I was trying them, but I’m closer to a Maxwhip than I am to that…

edit: Maybe I need to prehop :stuck_out_tongue:

Please just call it a seatwhip flip. Having the word reverse in the name when it’s flipping forwards is retarded.

That flatland kept me interested, nice vid.

I wasn’t proposing it should be called the reverse maxwhip, I just wanted to make sure people knew it was a different trick.

Awesome! Some nice stuff… And I can see myself filming adriens seat whip :smiley: lol

Great job… Was nice to spend new years and the few days with you in germany! Shame that I could not stay until EUC :frowning:

I gotta go… Left Europe for a reason… Work… And I’ve been working for a few days without sleeping! lol

Hope to see you soon!

Lol I thought it was you Pedro, that was my fave part ;p

Really nice video guys, love the combo’s of coasting/wheel walking and rolls. also great street stuff.

About Adriens trick -

I believe it should be called a “Uni Flip”. Or “Uni forward Flip”. as it is the whole uni flipping over.

unlike a seat whip where (if executed correctly) the pedals should stay parralell to the ground and the seat whip around the wheel set.

Just my opinion. Also thats what i WILL be calling them :stuck_out_tongue: just makes more sense in my own head. so fowards and backwards seat whips and forwards and backwards uni flips. (when executed correctly) otherwise they are sketchy versions of either :stuck_out_tongue:

Uni Flip is an appropriate name for this trick…

But the backwards one will forever be a Maxwhip to me :stuck_out_tongue: