winter cycle (fwd)

>winter has arrived. here in michigan, this means snow. so far, not much to
>speak of.
>in all of my 25 years of unicycling (all in michigan), i have never rode
>through the winter, never even thought of it. well, this year is different.
>this year i plan on riding 'til i drop, continuously, repeatedly. so has anyone
>out there done any riding in the snow? advice? should i get knobby tires?
>chains? insurance?
>a light dusting of snow a few days ago proved little difficulty, in fact the
>light rain we have today has been more problematic. i had better traction on
>the light, dry snow.

I have tried riding in winter and it’s not much different than normal riding… I
do suggest however that you get an outside tire before you proceed… I was very
suprised to find out that I had much more traction than I thought I did… I rode
on the sidewalks which I admit had little snow but there were patches of ice…
anyways another major caution is that when snow is on the ground it’s sometimes
hard to judge where the potholes are and if you hit one by suprise you are much
more likely to do a face plant than if you hit one intentially… good luck…

Ilan Berci ilan@kane.ece.ucsb

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