Winter Break Clips

Here’s my short winter break video. I wasn’t going to make one but I got a few cool clips and I don’t want to save them until summer:p I hope you guys enjoy it a bit. comments would be appreciated. And have a great year of unicycling everyone:)!

nice! your 3-spins look funny :stuck_out_tongue:

nice video

damn cool video… i am trying harder and harder to jump with my Torker unistar LX 24… but still now i am not able to do it… :frowning: n my other friends are making fun of me… :frowning: i have to learn it very quick…

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Awesome! I really liked the hop over the rail and the hop over the back of the park bench. The one-handed out 540 looked awesome, did you land it?

Nice dude! That was a massive gap at the beginning.

Thanks everyone!

haha, fulloutspins are like my favorite trick that I can do:)

just keep practicing…

I didn’t land it, I got super close and then school started again:/

thanks, It was like 1.77m :slight_smile:

Nice trials. The rolling hop up the 4 set and the sidehop over to the bench seat (:57) were nice.
That 540 would have looked so crazy. Keep riding dude.