Winter 2013

Hey, check out my video for winter 2013:

Nice Dan, that was awesome! Your videos are always incredible and just getting better. BTW, is that a new unicycle or just a new frame?

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! It’s just a new frame.

I like it, the colors are sick!

Brilliant Brilliant!!
Wow it’s awesome video and i really like it!!:smiley:

That was so sick! You did so many tricks with those techy little details…man that was nice. All your flip tricks are incredibly clean, and flatland is super flowy. Keep it up man, I really enjoyed the video.

Thanks Alex, your comments are really encouraging!

I always really like your vids even though I generally don’t like flat (and that’s what u usually do)

You seem a lot taller than the last vid of yours I saw :roll_eyes: