Windows Movie Maker SUCKS

Any suggestions for editing software? Prefferably free or with a usable trial period?

google something you might want to use and torrent it. its only illgle until you sell it (dont know if thats true but I’ve torrented a few programms) Shhhhhh dont tell anyone

Nah, Im pretty sure it is illegal just to download if it wasnt everyone would do it and the company would make nothing, I think everyone does it anyway. :slight_smile:

I can recommend MAGIX Video Deluxe. You can download a trial version at their homepage (up to 30 days available if you register). It is also quite cheap for the possibilities it offers for video editing.

mac - final cut express (or the whole finals cut studio which contains final cut pro if u wana get really serious)
windows - Sony Vegas Pro 8
those r the top quality versions of editing software (final cut is better but i cant afford a mac lol). there r probably easier editing programs to use, around but i dont really look at lower quality products to wat i hav haha

i’d love to be able to use wmm. haha. wmm is a blessing after having to use quicktime pro

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Very good editing software indeed. It’s not free though (unless you torrent it, which I did).

Torrenting stuff is illegal, but everyone I know does it and it’s nearly impossible to get caught. Sometimes you have to jump through hoops a bit to get past any piracy protection the software might have and you don’t get any support with it. Oh, and of course the people that developed it don’t get any money for their work.

Not that it’s ever stopped me but something to bear in mind :slight_smile: I will pay for software if it’s something I use all the time (Windows, Office) but Premiere Pro costs a hell of a lot of money and I only use it once a month if that.

can you get a link to that torrent? I really want it and can’t seem to find one that works.

Also cyber link power director is good.

I believe it was this one. Make sure you follow the instructions about editing your hosts file.

It’s really not a good idea to post links to torrents on the forum.

Yikes… I should’ve thought about that. If a mod / admin would like to remove it we’ll speak no more of it. :o

250+ videos using MM. I love it! Published video quality up to full 1080 hd. If I want more fancy titles and/or graphics I either find them online or make them with Nero 9, save to desktop, then add them to the MM timeline. If you’re a creative filmmaker and editor, that’s what really counts. All the bells & whistles won’t help much if the underlined are not there. :smiley:

thanks. it wasn’t a direct link so shouldn’t be to bad. by direct I mean the whole link thing

have you tried windows movie maker?

i’ve always wanted to make a video in wmm…
could be fun

You can actually make some pretty good quality videos with Windows Movie Maker. As long as you just stick with simple cut and fade and avoid all of those awful slideshow transitions, default white text on blue background title screens, and color wheel effects, a lot of people will assume that you used some expensive software to do your editing :wink:

Unfortunately, Movie Maker lacks a lot of common features like keyframing, layers, and compositing. I like to use Sony Vegas Pro for stuff like this, but you could try using something like Wax as a freeware alternative.

I started with Move Maker and I have to agree that it isn’t half bad once you get into it. It’s certainly the easiest to use and comes with some good transitions. The basic audio mixing works well too.

Having been a Mac owner and used iMovie in the recent past however, I think the Mac guys have it better. iMovie is really, really nice and basically free, as iLife comes free with new Macs (or at least it did with my Mac Mini).

Unfortunately I’m back on the PC now and my needs have moved on from the basic tools that Move Maker offers.

I’ve used MM for all my videos, and I love it. Being creative with filming and editing is most important, regardless of what editing software you use. And if I want more fancy titles and/or graphics, I either find stuff online or make them with nero 9, then simply save as wmv or avi, and add them to the MM timeline. It also publishes video up to full 1080 hd, so the quality is great too. Fast, easy to use; it’s all I need. :sunglasses: