Its hella windy out side and its not letting up. looks like dang
40-50mph winds. brush and debris are rolling through the street as i speak and its way too cold to make it up to my new favorite spot. a half mile away. AAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD I have to get ready for the dress rehearsal. on sucha nice day where i could be doing some urban trials out back of the theater.aaaaaaaaaargh



how do you get you’r avatar to move like that?

thx alot,

:smiley: will answer all your questions

Re: Wind!!!

Riding in the Wind is fun! We’re still getting some late spring winds over here (Windy-Wellington) and I went for a ride on Fri into a 80-90k northerly. It makes for a challenging ride trying to stay on and having to pedal hard to go down a steep hill:D



the wind earlier turned into a sandstorm knocking off roofes of houses and when i went to rehearsal a factories roof was literally torn off and flung towards my car missing it by a few feet. Then it started raining and the power is switching on and off and its only 5:00 and its pitch black outside. im am amazed my car is still in tact due to the street lights going out and all the unsafe driving in these 80-90mph wind.

  • Keep me in your prayers(not joking) Eric