Wind in my face ahhh


Just got the big one ,now that’s cruising,put the seat up high to stretch the legs out ,wow thats some sweet speed got a good breeze going,got right out on the highway ,dreaming about how far and where i might end up riding this mammoth.haha.First road ride was roughly 20km,in a downpour,felt great .
Lots of wide eyed looks from people who have seen it., I had to stop when passing a kid on a bike ,he crashed with a head plant looking at the huge wheel,tough little kid ,he’s fine.I can’t get over the size of it,soo awesome
The lumbering feeling when freemounting is neat .Looking forward to long rides this summer ,I’m hyped a new fresh season and a new Big Wheel ,wooohoo


Congratulations on your purchase of what I now consider to be manditory unicycling equipment!

Wait till you take it on the trail.

I knew it was large, but it hit home when I went for a ride with MRS. Sofa (her on her mountainbike) and I was able to rest my elbow on the top of her helmet :slight_smile:

Before owning it, I thought it would be ‘neat’. It’s unbelievable!

I had a tough time biking home the otherday, a huge snowstorm picked up, drifting snow banks, I got kicked to the side over and over. On my miserrable ride home, all I was picturing was how I wished I had Cokey.

I got home, took out the biggun, and although it was still tough, I was able to plow through 3 times as straight a route than on my bike.

You think YOU got a lot of looks on your ride!