Winchester Area Riders!?!?!?

OK this is the last time if there are any of you please post here.

I’m about an hour from Winchester.

Winchester, Virginia?

I’m also an hour away (near M3 J4a), which means Skippii is anywhere between 1minute and 2 hours from me, but which direction?!

I won’t able to get down to Winchester in the short term due to attending BMW recenctly, Kidderminster UniMeet today, then South West UniMeet all in a relatively small time period which means I don’t have many weekends spare.


MUNICYCLIST cool i am at sparsholt college and am a trials/muni rider pretty crap at the mo due to a lack of riding! i have no car so will find it pretty difficult to get anywhere. Keg i will most prob be at south west uni meet so we can talk there! want to hook up sometime for a trials or a muni ride i was beta at trials but have not riden a 20" in donkeys or my 24 for that matter! its hidden away under my bed ready for a thrashing. plz contact me when you can ride i have fri thro to sun off so any of those 3 days or wednesday afternoon after bout 2ish.

I am about 30mins from Winchester (Hants UK)… I live here.

If you are doing some MUNI give me a shout on
mike dott hinson at btinternet dott com