Win an Orange Bud with Switch Unimag !

Hi everyone

As you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting closer… And Switch celebrates !

We are offering you to participate in a contest: “How well do you know Switch ?"

The winning price is an Orange Bud

Go on the web site :
Results coming on December 18th

I’ve been in the unicycle scene for what… 4 months. I’ve never heard of Switch or an Orange Bud until now.

“How well do you know Switch?”
If this is part of the contest, I’m not going to have much of a chance.

Switch is one of the two unicycle magazines and the orange bud is the street unicycle from Koxx One.

Sweet! I didn’t have to “know” anything about Switch.

Just how to type my e-mail and press “envoyer”!

You should read this :wink:

how many grams ? :smiley:

I see what you did there.

It’s a unicycle hehe :wink:

I would like to win this Kingdom, lol.

Quick questions: Is the magazine in English?

Has anyone read it? What’s it like?

It’d be great if the uni mags would post an earlier issue in PDF so you could get a feel before subscribing. It’s not like you can pop down to the local news stand and pick one up.

Yes. Yes. Awesome.

How the hell do I subscribe to the newsletter?? I don’t understabd french :stuck_out_tongue:

enter your email in the text box and then click the button that says “envoyer”

and switch is quite a good magazine (you can download the first one but its only in french Compared to “Uni” it’s a bit leaner on text but it is focused on street, flat and trials.

Yes the mag is in english !

The website is coming in english soon !
Switch Unimag tries to offer you beautiful pictures, a bit like in a skate magazine, and is focused on Street, Trial, and Flat, with files, interviews, and a lot of pictures, of course!

5 issues of switch have already been edited !
To buy it, whatch on the website at “Boutique” and click on the good drag :wink:

A PDF is coming on the website to see what it is ! To see pictures about Switch, go the “gallerie” more are coming soon !

Better be good news on my birthday ;).

You are not the first one, on the french forum, there is a unicyclist born on the 18th of december too!!

Good luck everybody, you will receive 3 questions about Switch to answer in the beginning of december!

can you win this thing if your in the u.s?

Yes you can win from everywhere in the world. Switch will assume the shipping costs.

Good luck everybody! And don’t forget to register on the website!

Hi everybody!

Don’t forget to register to the Newsletter in order to win a Orange Bud unicycle for Xmas!!!

Good luck!

So, anybody feel like posting the answers to the forum, for those of us who only subscribe to that other unicycle magazine? :slight_smile: