Win a Uni with The Koxx-One contest !

Each 3 month, Koxx-One offers a unicycle. How ? You just have to participate in the competition of moment:

Contest !

nice idea, will you ship internationally?

The english really has to get better as the legal terms will mean nothing if it’s not worded properly.

So… All videos submited become the property of Koxx-One.

How about just saying participants agree that the video may be used by Koxx-One?

What does it mean by - Your will clip will turn around the slogan “Koxx-One: By and for Uniriders !”

maybe they want the theme of the submitted videos to be “by and for uni riders”

lol Agreed with the above posters. Contest = good. English = Fail.

Yes we ship internationally :slight_smile:

The translation has been corrected, sorry :o

I try to do something cool with my friend. I have an idea… but it’s a little bit stupid I think :stuck_out_tongue:

September 31st doesn’t exist.

I can’t understand why Koxx have awesome unis and awfull websites. Please, spend a bit of money in a web-designer. PLEASE !!

They JUUUSSST changed the website like a few days ago, way better than it was before :wink:

A bit of money to spend on would be on a traductor.

you must speak french…lol. english = translator

That’s the only thing you could pick up that was wrong in that post ? :roll_eyes:

I do speak french. Translator, thank you.

My grammar isn’t really good, my last english class was over 3 years ago… but I am not in no way a profesionnal company that needs to keep a good [pro] image of itself.

I’ve always found Émiles posts have a perfectly acceptable standard of grammar, can’t say the same for the koxx site.
Although I don’t think brendan was having a dig at you émile, more at the fact that unireed didn’t notice :slight_smile:

His English is a hell of a lot better than my French. It’s not like the posts or the site are incomprehensible.

Now on topic, are animations acceptable? I certainly can’t ride well enough to make a decent commercial, but I could damn sure use a nice trials/street uni to learn on.

Thanks for the contest, btw!

Like alisterburt said, I was actually joking at unireed’s expense. I don’t care if on a webforum people don’t spell properly.

I totally agree with you emile, I don’t really see grammar in people’s post as an issue generally, but when it’s a company’s website I find it a little poor and unprofessional.